Best Stories on How to Learn a New Language

Hungarian is one of the five hardest languages to learn in the world. Two years ago I moved to Budapest and have been trying to tame the wild beast that is the local language. On the way, I learned a trick or two that you can use in your own language learning process.

  1. 4 Tricks to Learn a Language Faster — because, let’s be real, we all want to become fluent tomorrow
  2. How to Learn Vocabulary in a New Language Quickly — because vocabulary is the foundation of a language
  3. How to Help Someone Learn Your Language — believe me, there is a good and a not so good way to do it
  4. Learn a New Language With These Tips — from someone who speaks 5 languages

After you learn a new language, here is another story about how to do the opposite, unlearn:

5. How to Unlearn Anything

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